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#All #way #up 2017

The professional political class have inflicted a major wound and successfully removed part of the President Trump administration. Now there’s blood in the water; and when there’s blood in the water in DC – the odds of surviving the frenzy diminish bigly. With the intoxicating blood lust permeating the air the circling Majority Swamp Media [

And indeed, it is #guidance and #mercy for the believers.
( 78 ) Indeed, your Lord will judge between them by His [wise] judgement. And He is the Exalted in Might, the Knowing.
( 79 ) So rely upon Allah; indeed, you are upon the clear truth.
( 80 ) Indeed, you will not make the dead hear, nor will you make the deaf hear the call when they have turned their backs retreating.
( 81 ) And you cannot guide the blind away from their error. You will only make hear those who believe…

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