3 Reasons Journals Make Better Writers

Writings By Ender

Writers have been keeping journal for centuries. John Steinbeck and Virginia Woolf are among great writers who kept prolific journals. You can find an assortment of quotes from professional writers, like this one, about writers who used journals. Not all good writers journal, but good journaling can make a bad writer decent, and a decent writer good.

Get In The Groove

There’s no secret here. It’s been repeatedly proven that free-writing, the essential cousin of journaling, makes one more creative. Free-writing and journaling are not always the same however. Keeping a journal, if boiled down to the path of least resistance, would simply be taking a tally of the day. The sort of journaling worth empowering comes from  free-writing. When you explore ideas through journaling, you are opening yourself up to creativity. There’s no right answer. It is simply an exploration of a topic taking you as far as you…

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